terça-feira, 31 de março de 2009

"When you told me you were going away, I just closed my eyes and thought how empty this bedroom would be without your soul leading me. I miss the way I felt when you were here. I don't miss words, I just miss your voice whispering softly our crazy desires. I don't miss the tears but the reason to cry. Tears... I have never seen yours, so, they never existed or I was not able to see them in the darkness of our passion. It's my fault. I didn't trust your feeling, only mine. I just wonder do you miss me... or just think about me for some seconds, at least. How am I in your thoughts? What I learned with you? The colors in a lover's eyes are not real. They are magic, not real.
But, I decided to live that illusion. It was my choice. You were my choice. I tried to be happy for a while. I am waiting for you, like many times before...
So you come back...
I can't teel you that something happens in my heart because you are so... thought­less.
I don't believe the words I hear you say, but could you say, just one time, that you love me and you are mine?"

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